An annual festival of comics and cartoon art


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Event Calendar

All events free to the public

Thu Nov 6

Julie Doucet Collage Exhibition

Acclaimed visual artist and cartoonist Julie Doucet presents her recent collage work. Please join for a reception with the artist!

Desert Island

Opening reception
7 - 9PM

Fri Nov 7

The MAD Fold-In Art of Al Jaffee

Organized by Gabe Fowler for Comic Arts Brooklyn

Created in 1964, the Fold-In has appeared in every Mad issue to this day, usually on the inside back cover of the magazine. This exhibition includes twelve original paintings and preliminary drawings.

Scott Eder Gallery

Opening reception
6 - 9PM

Sat Nov 8

Book Sales & Signings

Come see over 100 exhibitors, many with new books and artists signing at their table! Full list above. We highly recommend showing up early to beat the crowds.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church

11AM - 7PM

Sat Nov 8


by Wizard Skull

The artist known as Wizard Skull alters old animations cels by inserting new characters and bringing the old cels to life with new meaning.

Cotton Candy Machine

Opening reception
7 - 11PM

Sun Nov 9

Talks & Interviews

Join us for a full slate of programming with some of the greatest artists on Earth. Please note that each panel will be first come, first served, and the room must be cleared at the conclusion of each talk. Please plan accordingly!

The Wythe Hotel

11AM - 6PM

Sun Nov 9

Business Talk Partner Zone

by Kutikuti

Kutikuti is an artist collective formed in Finland in 2005. Since then, the core of 6 people has grown into a non-profit contemporary comics group which now includes over 30 members. Don't miss their new installation at Wayfarers!

Wayfarers Gallery

Opening reception
6 - 9PM


Sat Nov 8: Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church, Brooklyn

Time Event
All Day

Book sales

Sun Nov 9: Wythe Hotel, Williamsburg

Advance tickets are sold out, but some standing room entry will be available
on the day of the event on a first-come-first-served basis.
Time Event

Al Jaffee: Unfolded

Al Jaffee began his long and illustrious career in comics in 1941 with the “inferior man” feature for Quality Comics. He later joined his high-school pal Harvey Kurtzman at Mad Magazine in 1955, and went on to create hundreds of features for MAD, including the iconic “Mad Fold-In” and “Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions.” Now, at age 93, he has contributed to 480 issues of the magazine, more than any other mad artist.

Jaffee will be interviewed by Michael Kupperman, a cartoonist of whom Conan O’Brien said “this guy may have one of the best comedy brains on the planet.”

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Charles Burns: Down the Black Hole

We’ll enjoy a retrospective of Burns’ work as an illustrator (Sub Pop, The Believer, The New Yorker) and as a cartoonist (Black Hole, Big Baby, RAW), with a focus on the recently released third book of his graphic novel trilogy, X’ed Out.

Burns will speak about his earliest influences and share some of his earliest work, including some childhood drawings. The discussion will advance through his posters and graphics, talk about the impetus for his massive masterpiece, “Black Hole,” and land with an examination of the “X’ed Out” universe.

Burns will be interviewed by Paul Karasik, cartoonist and instructor at the Rhode Island School of Design.

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Tim Lane, Jim Rugg, and Ben Marra: Neo Noir

These three cartoonists love tough yeggs, mean streets, and femmes fatales. All three have recent work evoking smoky, double-crossing noir. Each creator will present and discuss his own gods of Noir through slides depicting specific works by artists whose work they admire.

Lane describes his work as addressing the “Great American Mythological Drama,” and there is something mythic in the stature of all three of these artists, whose low-life characters carry themselves with the burden of sin on their shoulders. However, though they share a taste for long shadows and deceit, their work could not be more different.

Lane, Marra, and Rugg will be interviewed by Karen Green, Librarian of Ancient & Medieval History and Religion at Columbia’s Butler Library.

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Roz Chast and Art Spiegelman: Talk about something more pleasant

Roz Chast’s hilarious cartoons are practically synonymous with the New Yorker magazine. Her recent work, “Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant,” surprised her readers as a frank memoir about her parents’ final years.

Art Spiegelman is best known for his Pulitzer-Prize winning masterwork “MAUS,” but has recently surprised his readers with a live graphic-arts musical, “Wordless.”

Together they will undoubtedly have something to talk about, as they discuss their work and lives as two of the most respected practitioners of the form.

Chast and Spiegleman will be interviewed by Paul Karasik.

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Aisha Franz, Lisa Hanawalt, and Jillian Tamaki: Cutting Edges

Aisha Franz (Earthling), Lisa Hanawalt (My Dirty Dumb Eyes) and Jillian Tamaki (This One Summer) have all produced comics that touch upon issues of sexuality, humor, and the surreal.

They will discuss their unique approaches to the medium within the larger context of self-publishing, commercial work, and creative collaboration in a panel moderated by NY Times art director Alexandra Zsigmond.

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Richard McGuire: Here and Now

Fans of artist Richard McGuire may know him as a musician, designer, cartoonist, children’s book author, illustrator, or all of the above. Many have been waiting years for the book-length version of his influential piece “HERE,” which originally ran in RAW magazine in 1989. The wait is nearly over! A recent exhibit featuring “HERE” at the Morgan Library unpacked the work through original art and specific reference material which McGuire will share at this talk. “HERE” is specifically interested in the conflux of time and memory through a graphic conceit that is at once obvious and brilliantly original. Chris Ware has credited the work with capturing “something closer to real memory and experience than anything that had come before.”

McGuire will be interviewed by Paul Karasik.

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Raymond Pettibon: High and Low

Pettibon came to prominence in the early 1980s in the southern California punk rock scene, creating posters and album art for Black Flag, The Minutemen and other groups in the So Cal Punk movement. Initially his work was mainly circulated via band flyers and limited-edition photocopy books, making him a figurehead of the handmade zine movement. He has since gone on to international acclaim, occupying a role in the art industry that affects every level of culture from film to fashion to interior design. His process and identity remain deeply rooted in the often uncelebrated story of both newspaper comics and the comic book and their unsung craftsmen and women. This talk will focus on the role comics and comics history continue to play in his development.

Pettibon will be interviewed by Josh Bayer, a comics artist, editor and educator.

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